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Warsong Gulch strategies

There is one basic strategy in WSG ... get their flag and keep ours. How you do that is primarily a matter of tactics. See the offensive and defensive tactics pages for some ideas in this regard.

"Melee in the Middle"

WSG is one of WoW's main playgrounds. Immature, disinterested and incompetent players often come here just to hang out and trade punches with the other faction. This is often called "hp farming", but the number of honor points available in a WSG match is tiny compared to, say, AV or WG ... so really, it's just a playground.

These guys do not care about the game. They are having fun doing what they are doing, and no amount of YELLING IN CAPS will induce them to change.

It would be nice if Blizzard would build an attractive PvP playground into WoW, so that these guys have something to do. But until that happens, we're stuck with it. So either put up with it, or go elsewhere.

Pug on Pug

wsg pug on pugIn a typical pick up match each team goes out its GY side and heads upfield. Sometimes the teams pass one another, enter the other side's FR, grab the flags, and head back. They may pass one another again, in which case a defensive game begins. Or, they may meet in the middle and melee until one or both FCs drop the flag.

Often, however, portions of the two teams tangle near the big stump at midfield, creating a melee that may continue for the rest of the match. If this happens, then usually no one plays defense, and one or two players try to grab the flag and score.

There is nothing wrong with this, and it can be fun when two PUGs are playing, but a PRO team will easily win this kind of match.


pro versus pugThe PRO team takes advantage of the PUG's tendency to melee in the middle of the field.

An attack team of one or two (often a tank and a healer) goes for the PUG team's flag. A defensive team of one or two (usually cc dps, such as rogues, mages, or locks) watches in case a PUG attacker appears.

The rest of the PRO team tries to get the whole PUG team to melee while pushing them to one side of the field or the other.

The attack team grabs the flag and has an easy run upfield to score. Repeat the attack run twice more for a quick win.

WSG is a very flexible battleground with many, many variations. Your overall approach has mostly to do with the current score, the time remaining and the strength of your opponent.

If you are stronger, then pour it on. Grab the flag and cap it. The faster you end the game, the better. You will be tempted to hold the flag and kill the enemy a humiliatingly large number of times. Resist this temptation. As your team gets increasingly complacent and the other team gets increasingly annoyed, you may suddenly find that the tables have turned. So take your win and get out of there.

If your opponent is stronger, then try to grab the flag and hold it ... play for a 1-0 game or a tie. In case of a tie, the last team to score wins. Sometimes a quick, smart team can pull out a victory against a stronger, but slower opponent.

There's really not much planning in WSG ... it's mostly tactics. But generally: