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Warsong Gulch Offensive tactics

Offense in WSG means "getting" - getting their flag and bringing it to your flag room, and getting your flag back whenever they take it.

Offense in WSG has nothing at all to do with killing. Lots of people play WSG as a kind of dueling ground ... but that's not what we're talking about here. The goal of the game is to capture flags.

Getting the Flag

There are two basic planned flag grabs: big group and small group. Sometimes you will have to make an emergency grab ... to keep the other team from capping, for example ... but usually you want to go in with a group.

Running the Flag


Getting the Enemy Flag Carrier (EFC)

Getting your flag back is the key to a quick win. Defending your fc is nice, but sooner or later the enemy will break through. It's usually better to go after the efc than to guard yours. (If you're the stronger team, you don't want to give them a chance to score. If you're the weaker team, there's no way you'll hold them back ... so go for the quick cap.)

Graveyard Camping

If the enemy is successfully camping your grave yard: