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WG Offensive tactics

Strike Fast

At the beginning of the game, the offense has a damage buff from the towers. Each tower that dies switches part of this buff to the defense. To take advantage of this you want to break into the fort as quickly as you can.

Guard the South Towers ... But Not a Whole Lot

Your goal in the south should be to hold workshops (so that you can build more tanks) and fight a delaying action on the towers. By the time all three towers go down, you should have won the game anyway, so that is not the main concern. Mostly, you want to keep the damage buff up as long as you can.

A quick, massive strike that takes out walls and puts you into the courtyard of the fort is more likely to win the game than a heavy defense of the southern towers.

Kill the Guns

The fort's guns do significant damage to vehicles and people. Take them out at step one.

Ignore the Keep Towers

Tanks can destroy the keep towers, which puts the guns out of business permanently. But this is mostly a waste of time. Tank power is better used in making holes in the walls, and once you are inside, the guns won't matter much. Besides, if the guns respawn, they are easily killed by ranged dps players.

Try Not To Bunch the Seiges

RPGs are AOE weapons. If your tanks are all in one big pile, then a single RPG can kill the whole stack. Spread out a bit ... sometimes even attack multiple walls. If you have that many tanks, there's less risk this way and the time loss is minimal.

With Tenacity

Tenacity makes melee tremendous fun ... so much so that your team can forget to actually play the game. But on offense it is important to strike quickly, while the tenacity and tower buffs reinforce one another.

Against Tenacity

If the defenders have tenacity, then you outnumber them. They will have to send a team south to take down the towers, so use your superior numbers to overwhelm the fort.