While not technically a battleground, Wintergrasp hosts a battle every two hours or so during which it behaves exactly like a battleground. The difference is that the Wintergrasp zone is open all the time, and PvP combat is always permitted, even on PvE servers. This means that players can enter the zone and take up positions before the battle begins, and it means that all players remain in the zone (and can still fight and die) after the battle ends.

Official Blizzard Rules / Wowwikki

Map and Basic Abbreviations

This is a zone, rather than a battleground, and so it can entered and exited at will. Each starting area contains a flypoint. In addition, whoever controls the fort can access a teleport to Dalaran.

Each team may have up to 120 players. Teams are organized into raids of forty players each.

(A number of areas dedicated to quests that happen when the battle is not going on have been omitted from this map.)

wsg main map

In the fort …


Special Considerations

  1. At the start of the match, the southern towers provide a 15% damage buff to the attacking team. When a tower falls, its 5% buff switches from the offense to the defense. So when all three towers are down, the offense has no buff and the defense has 15%.
  2. When all three towers are down, the time remaining in the game is reduced by 12 minutes. If there are fewer than 12 minutes remaining when the third tower goes down, the game immediately ends.
  3. There are three current ranks: recruit, corporal, lieutenant. You begin at recruit, ten kills gets you to corporal, and ten more kills gets you to lieutenant.
  4. The team with the smaller number of players receives a Tenacity buff. The buff gives:
    • health increased by 18%
    • healing taken increased by 18%
    • health regeneration increased by 18%
    • damage dealt increased by 14%

    The greater the gap in numbers, the more tenacity you get. Tenacity also gives your vehicles a health buff ... but no damage buff.

  5. As a team loses more and more games in a row ... that is, as they fail to capture the fort ... they gain advantages. These reach their maximum after six consecutive losses.
    • The more you lose, the more workshops you control at the start of the game. Eventually, you start with all four of the workshops.
    • Fewer kills are needed to get rank. Eventually, one kill will give full rank.