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WG defensive tactics

Kill the Southern Towers

The towers give the offense a bonus damage buff. As each tower goes down, part of the buff switches to the defense. The faster you burn the towers the better.

Cap the Northern WS Nearest Your FP

The enemy will come in at their fly point, and they will naturally zerg the nearby workshop. It will take them awhile to reach the other northern shop, however, which gives you time to cap and defend it.

Keep the Rooms Clear

If the enemy controls a room, then they face no resistance when their tanks arrive. This means that they can knock down walls without taking damage, and it means that they can shoot at the door from long range.

Build Vehicles

Vehicles are amazingly useful on defense. In general, you want one or two in any room whose walls have been breached. You want the remainder to be outside the walls, supported by infantry, and watching for incoming vehicle attacks.

Use RPGs

These are your single best weapon against tanks. Everyone should have one and know how to use it.

With Tenacity

Short-handed defense is probably the most difficult task in WG. You need to form up into teams and use your superior health and damage to limit the enemy's zerg.

Against Tenacity

If the offense has tenacity, then you outnumber them. Use this to your advantage.