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Twin Peaks Strategies

Twin Peaks is almost identical to Warsong Gulch as played on a different terrain. There are a few minor differences.


wsg pug on pug









The bridge in the middle of the battlefield is equally distant from the Horde and Allied starting points.

Apparently, it was expected that most battles would start with a collision in the middle of the field. But things have not worked out that way.







pro versus pug








Instead, the two sides tend to start out by avoiding one another.

The Horde goes up and across the river to the Allied side ramp. The Allies go down and through the underwater entrance into the Horde keep.

From that point on, the game plays exactly like WSG. Players on mounts track down and attempt to kill the enemy flag carrier, and the flag carriers and their escorts head for the home base.

Possibly as an attempt to reduce "midfield melee", there is little room in the middle of this graveyard. The stream, the bridge, and a number of rocks and bumps tend to break up large melees. Nonetheless, a cluster of small fights tends to break out on either side of the bridge.