Twin peaks

Official Rules

Map and Basic Abbreviations

Two ten-player teams start from opposite forts and play capture-the-flag. Except for the terrain and the layout of the bases, Twin Peaks is nearly identical to Warsong Gulch. Your team must capture three flags to win. The team with the most flag caps, or with the last flag cap, wins if the game times out.

If you haven't played Warsong Gulch yet, you should probably start there. The game play is almost exactly the same, and because WSG is a low level battleground, there are many more matches going.

wsg main map


The differences between Twin Peaks and WSG have to do with the terrain of the Battlefield.

Twin Peaks contains a lot of bumps ... little hills and other obstructions. Presumably, these are intended to make it harder to spot the flag carriers, but since they appear on your map, and since you have a mount ... well, you will see.

The river that flows through the middle of the map is deep enough that swimming is required. This creates an automatic slow zone for most players (and gives Death Knights and Shamans a use for water walking ... and Druids a moment's chance to use aquatic form.)

The field is asymmetrical. This means that the Horde end is different from the Allied end.

Both bases are accessible by a ramp in the front and a front entrance door. The inside layouts of the bases are similar.

Each side has two graveyards. This was intended to prevent "gy camping", a play whereby one side keeps the other from exiting its grave yard.