Five Rules of Battleground Play

Strategies: Alterac ValleyArathi BasinEye of the StormIsle of ConquestStrand of the AncientsWarsong GulchWintergrasp

Tactics: AV off/def • Arathi Basin off/def • EotS off/def • Isle of Conquest off/def • Strand of the Ancients off/def • WSG off/def • Wintergrasp off/def


If you're new to a battleground, the quick summary here will give you a heads up to get you started. For more details click on the battleground name.


Alterac Valley

PUG: One of three things will probably happen:

1. Most of your team will ride directly to the enemy camp. They will wait there until the camp graveyard caps and the two towers in the camp burn. Then they will try to kill the enemy boss. If the other side does the same thing, there may be very little fighting. This approach is called a "zerg" or "blitz."

2. Your team will cap the towers/bunkers in the middle of the battleground and work their way slowly towards the enemy camp pushing the enemy before them. This approach is called a "turtle." (Or ... the enemy may be doing this to you.)

3. Both of these may happen at the same time. This makes for a confused, chaotic encounter where your best bet is to stick with the larger groups of your team's players. You die less often that way.

PRO: A good team will have a plan with fallbacks in case things go wrong. Listen to your leaders and go where you're supposed to.

BEST PLAN: Defend Balinda/Galvangar, get control of the middle of the field, and then push the enemy back. This makes for a slow game, but you win and you gain a lot of honor points from kills.


Arathi Basin

PUG: The goal is to take down enemy flags and cap them yourselves. But there is a lot of action, and a lot of running around in this game ... so knowing where to go can be hard to figure out. Use your map constantly. Find the larger concentrations of your teammates and go join them. Defense ... guarding a flag ... is also a very good thing to do in AB. It can be boring, but it helps win games.

PRO: A good team leader will call the plays as the match progresses. Know where you are, and be ready to move somewhere else.

BEST PLAN: One person caps your home base flag, half your team goes to the BS, the other half goes to either GM or LM. The goal is to start the game with 3 bases. From there you'll have to be flexible and adapt to the situation as it changes.


Eye of the Storm

PUG: Part of your team will try to capture towers. Another group will try to capture the flag. Since owning 3 towers trumps any number of flag caps, you're probably better off with the tower capping group.

Many games settle down to a virtual tie with each side having two towers. In this case the flag caps will decide the winner. If you're new to EotS, you're still probably better off capping and defending towers. It's easier, and it gives you a better feel for how the game works.

PRO: A good team leader will call the plays as the match progresses. Know which group you're in and listen for directions.

BEST PLAN: One person goes to each of your home towers and everyone else "zergs" one of the enemy's home towers. The quick strike into enemy territory is your best chance to grab a lead right at the start. Your plan is to keep the zerg moving and deny the enemy access to tower points.


Isle of Conquest

PUG: Follow the largest group of your teammates and do what they do. It's not a complicated game, but the battleground is large and you don't want to be travelling solo. After you play this bg a few dozen times, you'll begin to develop your own opinion about what works, and that will guide your decisions about where to go.

PRO: I haven't seen enough of these to have an opinion. There should be a plan ... cap WS and/or Hangar and/or Docks ... and some players should be aimed at the quarry and refinery. Most likely, you'll be part of a large group going to cap something ... so just go along with the flow.

BEST PLAN: Defend your fort and try to cap the WS. When you have the WS go at a side gate with demolishers and the seige engine. Defend against glaive throwers and paratroops as needed.


Strand of the Ancients

PUG: This game has two phases: offense and defense. On defense the most important thing is to kill demolishers. Check your map frequently to see where the enemy tanks are and go help kill them.

On offense the goal is to get your tanks up the hill and break down the door to the artifact room. If you're a melee player, you should drive a tank. Just point it where you want to go and use the gun and ram to kill gates. Do NOT use the tank to chase players ... just get up the hill to the next gate and destroy it. When you run out of gates, the game is over. If you're a ranged player, you want to ride on the tank ... don't drive it, just ride. You cannot be hit while riding, but you can shoot and cast, and your CC skills will keep enemy players from killing the tank.

Bombs are also important in SotA, but you can ignore them until you learn how to play the game.

PRO: The basic plan is the same as above, except that your team will expect you to pick up a bomb before you get on the tank. If you are not riding on a tank you should be carrying bombs to the next available gate and/or capturing the north graveyards.


Offense - pick "green" or "blue" and everyone on your side to for that gate. Your goal is to blow through and go uphill as fast as you can.

Defense - watch where the enemy goes and get in front of them. Your goal is to obstruct and delay them.


Warsong Gulch

PUG: A fair percentage of WSG participants don't play the game. They come just to duel in the middle of the field. Ignore them and concentrate on getting the enemy's flag. If you grab it often enough, you (and the few who will play the game with you) may score often enough to win. Remember that in case of ties, whoever scores last, wins.

PRO: At the pro level this is a sophisticated game with a lot of tricks and clever moves. If you're new to it, just watch what everyone else is doing and figure out where you need to be. In general you'll probably be most useful if you go after the enemy flag carrier and try to get your flag back.

BEST PLAN: Ignore the melee in the middle of the field and keep trying to get the enemy flag. It's more effective to kill the efc than it is to defend your fc.



If you're new to WG, find the biggest group of your players and stay with them. As you get the hang of the battleground, try a catapult, demolisher and siege engine ... they're fun. The fighting near the fort in the north is usually the easiest ... the fighting around the towers in the south is usually the most fierce.


Defense: Cap and defend the north workshops. Your goal is to deny the enemy access to tanks. Kill the south towers as soon as you can spare the troops.

Offense: Cap and defend the workshops. You goal is to make lots and lots of tanks and keep up a constant assault on the fort.