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AV off/def • Arathi Basin off/def • DWG off/def • EotS off/def • Gilneas off/def • Isle of Conquest off/def

KOT off/def • SSM off/def • SOA off/def • WSG off/def • Wintergrasp off/def

r u stupid?

No! Of course you're not.

Pretend that you are playing in a regular battleground (not a rated bg). With no leader to give orders, you have to make your own decisions. What would you do in each of these situations?


You're a rogue in WSG. Both flags are out. Should you be
a) guarding your fc
b) protecting midfield
c) attacking the efc

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You're geared as a tank. What should you do in EotS?
a) run the flag
b) guard a tower
c) help control midfield

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This map postion from Alterac Valley shows a team that is playing really well. What are they doing that is so good?

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You are a Horde player in the starting area of Gilneas. Your team is debating which flag to attack first. Which should it be?
a) water works
b) light house
c) divide evenly between ww and lh

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You are a mage in IOC. The game has just started and your team is going to the Hangar and the Docks. Where should you go ... why?

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You are an Alliance player in AV. Why does your team need to kill Galvangar?

a) you take 100 reinforcements off the Horde score
b) you remove the buff that Galvangar gives the Horde
c) you get about 60 extra honor at the end of the game

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In this Twin Peaks battle the Allies are setting themselves up to lose. How can you tell? ----------------->

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In this map of WSG, the hunter is in the wrong place. Why? Where should the hunter be?

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In Strand of the Ancients you are on defense. The enemy is landing on the beach. What is the one most important thing you can do?
a) kill the enemy healers
b) guard your graveyards
c) kill the enemy demolishers

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Your team controls two towers in EotS. How many points do you get if you cap a flag?
a) 55
b) 85
c) 125

Your team controls three towers in EotS. How many points do you get if you cap a flag?
a) 100
b) 200
c) 300

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In this AB the players shown are the Alliance. They are losing. What are they doing wrong?

a) They didn't defend the Stables.
b) They're too spread out.
c) They have too much defense at the Farm.

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You are a healer in Twin Peaks. Both flags are out. Where should you be?
a) guarding your fc
b) protecting midfield
c) attacking the efc

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You are in SOA at the Blue gate, and you have killed all the demolishers there. The enemy has broken through the Green gate. What should you do?

a) stay at Blue and kill more demolishers as they rez
b) go to the Purple gate and help defend
c) go to the grave yard beside the Red gate and defend it

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You are in AV. Someone calls out "we need to back cap!" What do they mean? Should you join them?

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When you pick up an orb in Temple of Kotmandu, you get a debuff. What does the debuff do?

a) increases the damage you do by 30%
b) decreases the healing you get by 10%
c) increases damage you get by 50%

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gorge 1



The Horde is winning this Deepwind Gorge battle. You can see the Alliance players ... point out two things that they are clearly doing wrong.

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You are a rogue in SOA. You team is on the boat coming in. What spec should you use?

a) assasination
b) combat
c) subtlety

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Doing something this stupid in EotS will get you called bad names, and deservedly so. What are the flag carrier and three players in midfield doing that is so dumb?

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Why do you want to control the middle plaza in Temple of Kotmandu?

a) You score more points if you control the middle
b) You can see every orb location from the center of the plaza
c) You get a defensive buff if you are in the middle

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In EotS if you control one tower, your score goes up by 1 point every 2 seconds. How fast does it go up if you control 3 towers?
a) 3 points every 2 seconds
b) 5 points every 2 seconds
c) 8 points every 2 seconds

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The Allied team on offense is losing this Strand of the Ancients battle. Give 3 reasons why.
a) Reason 1 - this demolisher
b) Reason 2 - this demolisher
c) Reason 3 - this melee

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