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Specific battleground links are listed at the bottom of each battleground home page.

Blizzard Forums

Some Selected Class Guides

The ones I listed here seem reasonable, and there are many more of them. Search the web on "wow mage guide", for example, or for whatever class you wish to find.

Wowwikki Main Class Page: this contains to a wealth of information about each class and is a good place to start.

WoW Class Page: this links to all of the WoW class forums and also contains links to other class guides.

TenTonHammer: a nice set of guides - includes forums for discussion.

Expert Sites

These sites contain technical data that will be useful if you are a dedicated PvP expert.

Elitist Jerks Class Mechanics: not every class has a PvP thread, but those that do are very, very detailed.

Rawr: a Windows-only program that uses a data base to help you find the best gear for your class.