how to be a wow battleground hero

Here in a nutshell are the best actions you can take when doing Random Battlegrounds. There is no guarantee that you will win, but at least you will be doing something useful.

Alterac Valley

The teams that win AV most often do it by burning the two midfield towers/bunkers: SHB and IWB for the Horde, and IBT and TP for the Alliance. The best teams defend by recapping (or "backcapping") these same bases.

1. If you have the gear for it, go help recapture your own bunkers or towers. You need good gear because most of the time these will be vicious fights.

2. Otherwise, get in a midfield tower or bunker that your team has captured and defend it until it burns. You will have plenty of time to ride into town and help kill the boss.

Arathi Basin

Bad teams lose AB because they give up flags. You only get points while the flag is showing your team's color. While it's grey, no points come out of it.

Good teams win AB by capping a couple of flags and never, ever giving them up. So get to a base and defend a flag. The Blacksmith Shop is probably the best place to be ... because it gives the most bonus points for defending. But defending ANY base is a better use of your time than racing around the map.

Battle For Gilneas

The rule here is a "don't". Don't fight anywhere except near a flag, and once your team has two flags, don't try to capture a third.

Deepwind Gorge

Unless your team has a specific plan, nothing will help here. Probably, the best thing you can do is cap and hold the middle flag. The next best is to try to stop enemy ore carts. But people will be running in all directions, shouting orders as they go. It's a real zoo, and there's no way of knowing what will happen next.

Eye of the Storm

Whatever your team is doing, you should constantly try to capture a third tower. Often, just the pressure on an extra tower will cause the enemy team to respond and lighten their defenses elsewhere. And if you cap the tower, your side will benefit greatly. If a third tower cap is hopeless, then just defend a base and gather the "honorable defender" bonus points.

Isle of Conquest

If your team has captured the Docks, go with the glaives and protect them from harm. If your team has captured the hangar, parachute into the enemy base and run bombs. Otherwise, stick with the biggest group and kill things.

Silvershard Mine

Many players seem not to understand that a mine cart gives out points all the way along its path. Good teams win SSM by capping carts as soon as they come out of the chute and holding them all the way in. Your best play is to get on a cart early and defend it a long as you can.

Strand of the Ancients

On offense, get bombs and drop them in front of gates. On defense, kill bomb runners.

Temple of Kotmogu

In a bad random group you will see people chasing enemies all around the temple ... ignore them. The way to win KOT is to hold orbs.

  1. Get an orb. This will make you a target and you will probably die. So what? Rez and go get another orb.
  2. Attack enemy orb carriers. They will defend themselves and you may die. So what? Rez, grab an orb and go after another enemy orb carrier.

Twin Peaks and/or Warsong Gulch

These are really the same game played on different maps. Your actions depend on your spec:

  1. Tank: get the enemy flag, take it to your base, and stand on the "cap" spot.
  2. Healer: stick with your team's flag carrier.
  3. DPS: go kill the enemy flag carrier.

There will be a bunch of people fighting in the middle of the map. Ignore them ... these are duelers who have come not to play the game, but to use the battlefield as a kind of arena.