pugs and pros

There are three generic kinds of battleground team matchups:

PUGs are pick-up-groups of players thrown together by the game's queuing process.

PROs are self-selected teams that go into the game as a group.

PROs are sometimes referred to as "pre-mades" -- they may be guild teams, cross-realm teams, or ... after Cataclysm, rated BG teams. On the average a PRO team will be better organized and more devoted to winning the game than a PUG.

If you are in a good PUG, you may be able to make use of strategies and tactics, but it will be difficult. The problem is that the use of unified plans and methods requires an agreement on the part of the team members that they will follow the directions of a leader. A PRO team comes in with a leader. A PUG team has to first agree that someone will lead them, and even then, members will be more likely to question or disregard commands.


I normally play by getting into the bg queue. Nowdays, I mostly play via the "random" bg option. So I know first hand the frustration that comes when you play in a good group that's spoiled by a few people who only want to farm kills. But there's nothing to be done about that. My suggestion is that you join random bgs purely for fun, and find a good PRO group for your serious bg entertainment.


Here are a few topics that relate to battleground groups: