What this site is / what it is not

This site is meant to be a quick introduction to World of Warcraft battlegrounds. The site is not trying to make a player into a sure battleground winner ... it is trying to introduce players who are new to battlegrounds to the basic concepts and methods of the games.

This website is written for people who want to win battles, and who want to learn more about the strategies and tactics that are involved in this. The site does not discuss honor points, kills, experience, rewards or any of the things you might gain from bg ... it only talks about how to win battles.

It Is Not

It Is

Strategy and Tactics

The battle plans and tactics that you read about here have been tested in practice ... so they do, or at least did, work out. However, there is no guarantee that they will work for you, and they may not be the best possible plans and tactics available.

The reason for this is simple: what works for my team may not work for yours, and vice-versa.

The concepts and methods described in this site are meant to show you how to think about battlegrounds ... it's up to you to come up with your own detailed plans and tactics. Again ... what works for me may not work for you.


I haven't attached a discussion forum to this site. For one thing, such forums already exist and they do a fine job of digging into the details of WoW PvP. For another, I am not much interested in moderating a group of discussions.

Here are a few good forums where you can read more and also post your thoughts and ideas:

Blizzard Forum Index Links to all the Blizzard forums. Check out the Classes group near the bottom of the list. It offers a forum for discussing each player class.

Blizzard PvP Forum Although overweighted by arena discussions, this forum talks about how to fight PvP, and also discusses individual battlegrounds.

Blizzard Battlegroups Forums Each battlegroup has a unique discussion forum. This is a good place to go if you want to talk about, for example, why the Horde is totally dominant in WSG, or why the Allies always win in AV in your battlegroup.

Wow.inc.gamers battleground forums A wide variety of topics and discussions.

Elitist Jerks PvP Thread Highly technical and very useful for information on tactics, specs and gear.

Ten Ton Hammer No battleground-specific forums, but a forum for each player class with good discussions.

For more, try a web search on "wow forum pvp".


Unfortunately, I simply don't have time to enter into discussions with even a few of the many people who are interested in WoW battlegrounds. If you have comments, I would urge you to publish them on one of the forums mentioned above. Nonetheless, if you feel that you absolutely must, you can send a comment to me at this address: stoneghost@ticopa.com. But please do not expect a response.