These are activities that apply to the process of getting into a battleground, and rules that apply to all of the battlegrounds. If you have played battlegrounds for awhile, you probably know them already. I list them here for the convenience of players who are new to the game.

Getting a Battleground

The easiest way to find a battle is to use the PvP BG panel. The battlemasters do the same thing, but you have to interact with them first.

Battleground Panel

Click on the PvP button on the action bar that includes the Interface, Character and Achievement buttons. This panel shows all of the battlegrounds that you are eligible to play. Under Type you can click on up to two Specific Battlegrounds, or you can chose one of the Bonus Battleground options. (Currently, some options are only available to high level players, so you may not have all options on your panel.)

If you choose Random Battlegrounds, you can choose to Exclude one or two battlegrounds from the list. Do that by clicking on the little dice icon near the top of the panel.

A PvP icon attached to the minimap display indicates that you are queued. Clicking on the icon will show you your queues and give you a (generally poor) estimate of how long you still have to wait.

When a battleground comes up, you will have a short period of time (currently 60 seconds) to click the OK button. You cannot click OK if you are dead or in combat. When the battleground ends, you will be returned to where you were when you clicked OK.

Note that Wintergrasp and Tol Barad are not battlegrounds. They are PvP "zones" that host periodic battles. The queues for these battles become available fifteen minutes before a battle starts.


In certain locations in the major cities you can Battlemasters for each battleground and for Wintergrasp or Tol Barad. Clicking on a Battlemaster opens an "Enter Battleground" dialog. This used to be the only way to enter a battleground, but these are not much used since the bg panel became available.eots sky

Battleground Entrances

Three battlegrounds have specific "real" entrances.

Warsong Gulch: Ashenvale (Alliance)/Barrens (Horde)
Alterac Valley: Alterac Mountains
Arathi Basin: Arathi Highlands

The entrace includes a battlemaster, a quartermaster who sells gear specific to that battleground, and a group of npcs who sell food and drink. Some of the npcs have quests that you can complete inside the battleground. There is no need to ever go there unless you are interested in the items or the quests.

After a Battle

When a battleground is closed, the following happens:

This is true only of battlegrounds. Remember that Wintergrasp and Tol Barad are not battlegrounds. When they end, you have to find your own way home.

Chat Channels

The chat channel for all battlegrounds is: /bg or /ra ... these both bring up the "Instance" chat box.

Leaving the Battleground Before the Battle Is Over

If you exit the battleground before the battle ends, you will receive a fifteen minute debuff named: "Deserter". While the debuff is active, you will not be able to enter the queue for any battleground. If you are in a group, the group will not be able to queue. The purpose of this is to keep players from popping in and out of battlegrounds until they find a match-up that they like.

Reporting Absent Players

Some players come to a battleground and just sit ... trying to get honor points without actually playing. To report them, find their dot on the map or minimap, right-click, and then select "report player as away". When enough reports are registered, a 60 second debuff will begin to count down. The debuff will mark them as a deserter and remove them from the battleground with no honor points.

Battleground Experience

Battlegrounds give experience. However, you have the option of stopping the XP gain. This ability costs 10 gold to switch on or off and prevents XP gain in all aspects of the game. A NPC located near the Battle Masters in Stormwind or Orgrimmar does the switching.

If you are not receiving XP, then you will only be put into battlegrounds with others who are not receiving XP. (This only seems to happen in battlegroups that have a large enough number of people with XP turned off.)


A number of battlegrounds have flags of one sort or another. Some flags can be picked up and carried. Others mark special places on the battleground that can be captured. Usually, all you have to do to pick up or cap a flag is right click on it. Sometimes one click is enough, other times you will need to hold the click for a few seconds.

If you pick up a flag and run with it, you will become your team's "flag carrier" or "fc." The other team's flag carrier is called the "enemy flag carrier" or "efc."

For more on flags, go to these links:

Honorable Defender

To encourage people to defend flags, the game gives a buff called Honorable Defender to anyone who stands near a flag for a period of time. This buff grants +50% honor gained from kills. Honorable Defender is available in Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm and Isle of Conquest.



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