Quick Summaries of BG Strategies

Strategies: Alterac ValleyArathi BasinEye of the StormIsle of ConquestStrand of the AncientsWarsong GulchWintergraspSummaries

Tactics: AV off/def • Arathi Basin off/def • EotS off/def • Isle of Conquest off/def • Strand of the Ancients off/def • WSG off/def • Wintergrasp off/def


Here are the basics. Follow these rules and you will quickly gain honor and gear. Ignore them and your life in bg will be miserable.


Rule 1. Don't Fight in the Road

Each battleground is a game. Each has an objective: capture bases, kill a boss, take a flag ... whatever. Players who spend their time in a big melee in the middle of the field somewhere are a total waste to their team.

Figure out what needs to be done to help win the game and go do it. If you fight in the road, expect your teammates to call you bad names ... because you deserve it.




Rule 2. Use Your Maps

Most of the time you can't tell what's going on just from looking around and listening to chat. Your map will show you where your teammates are fighting. setup

Put the big map on a hotkey so you can quickly switch it on and off, and get used to taking quick peeks at it whenever you're not sure where to go next.

Check the box that says "show in battlegrounds" for the small map. Click on its top border to get a menu that lets you unlock it and move it around. Put it where you can glance at it to get a quick overview of the battle.

The picture to the left is taken from the Allied side. You can see people rezzing at the ST. A fight is under way at the mine. Two allies are at the LM. This gives you a quick check on where the action is, and much of the time, that's all you need.

Rule 3. Stay in Groups

If you spend a lot of time on your own, you will die ... a lot. Good teams stay grouped as they move towards their objectives. Single players or duos are just meat for the grinder.

When you rez, check your map to see where your teammates are grouped. Go there.


Rule 4. Kill the HealerS First

In a fight with an even number of players, the healers usually make the difference. If your side splits up into a series of one-on-one duels while the other side focuses their fire and kills your healers, your side will perish.

When you are in a group that meets and enemy group, take a moment to identify their healers and go after one of them. Kill the healers first, and everything else will follow.

Oh ... by the way ... defend your own healers. The other side is trying to kill them.

(I hate this rule. I like to play my healer, and it's really annoying to spend most of my time healing myself! But that's the way the game designers have set things up for battlegrounds. And so it goes.)


Rule 5. Forget the Charts ... Ask Instead: Who Won?



Damage is a useless statistic. Two groups with good healing can fight for hours, doing massive damage, without anyone dying. This can be fun, but in a battleground it is a waste of time.

Kills are a better indicator of how the battle is going, but they do not reflect the goals of the game. In Strand of the Ancients, for example, you may drive a tank all the way to the artefact and win the game while the other side spends their time in senseless killing. In Alterac Valley the two sides may never meet - they may just zerg around one another on their way to kill the respective bosses.

Who won? This is what matters. If you are number one in kills and damage and your team loses, you won't get as much honor and experience as you would if you were in the middle of the charts with a win.

Noobs watch the charts ... pros play to win.


FOR EXAMPLE. Look at the chart to the left. In part one of SOA my rogue got a couple kills and destroyed 2 demolishers. In part two he shadowstepped past the gate and capped two graveyard flags .. zero kills and no damage.

And yet, he ranked number one on the honor chart.

Notice that the person with nine kills and 94K damage only ranked third. AND, the one with 12 kills on the losing team got less than half the honor. No matter what you hear on the street, the game is trying to reward good game play and not just damage and kills.