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Stoneghost (dalaran) et. al.

Most of these are top level. I play all of them regularly ... none of them is really my "main." Although I raided in the past, I play almost exclusively PvP these days, and most of these characters are geared for battlegrounds. My highest PvP title is "Bloodthirsty."

Dalaran Alliance

Stoneghost - paladin - holy - have retribution spec but only use it for leveling

Solextre - mage - arcane/fire

Twonives - rogue - subtlety/combat

Ghast - druid - restoration/moonkin

Daarke - warlock - destruction - have played demonology, too ... use affliction most of the time

Apokalypsis - death knight - blood - set up for battleground flag carrying - unholy for fun

Rakasht - hunter - marksman/survival

Dejatao - monk - raid tank ... still leveling


Executus Horde

I started on Alliance and later created these to check out the Horde side of things. My experience has been that with the large number of players, and cross server grouping, the Horde and Alliance are roughly even. This despite the fact that vocal players on both consider the other to be better.

Qwertyop - shaman - elemental/resto - heals or dmg as needed

Nimbus - priest - disc/shadow

Nessmuk - hunter - survival/beastmaster

Oxomoco - mage - arcane/fire

Twonifes - rogue - subtlety/assasination

Dejadoja - death knight - flag carrier

Qwendri - monk - raid dps ... still leveling