Analysis and Commentary

These pages express my personal opinion without regard to balance or fairness. That is not to say that what's written here is unfair ... I hope it isn't ... but I haven't spent much time editing this content to guarantee that it is evenly balanced.


Resilience is an attribute, like stamina or intelligence. It reduces the amount of damage you take from other players. Characters have no built-in resilience. You only get it from gear, gems, enchantments and the like.

how to cap a flag

Here is a basic technique for capping flags in games like AB and Gilneas.

How To Run a Flag

Here is the basic technique for taking care of a flag after you pick it up in games like WSG and Twin Peaks.


Some hints on how to be an effective leader in WoW battlegrounds.

Using BG Statistics

The statistics box can provide you with useful information during, but mostly after, the battle.

Gear, Spec and Class

A few notes on gear, class, and class specializations in WoW battlegrounds.

Alterac Valley PvP Zone (A Fantasy)

AV is not a very good battleground, but with a little work it might make an excellent PvP Zone.

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Armory links to my personal characters.