How to be a flag carrier (FC)


If you pick up a flag, you are a flag carrier. If you don't want to be a flag carrier, don't pick up a flag. If you picked up the flag in desperation because the other side would have scored if you didn't, then your job is to get the flag to someone else as quickly as you can.


Helping a Flag Carrier

When your fc first picks up a flag, your job is to help him or her get to your base. If you are a healer, run along with the fc and heal. If you are dps, run along with the fc and "peel". Peeling is using your crowd control abilities ... freeze, stun, trap, entangle, whatever ... to keep enemies from hitting your fc. Peeling is MORE important than doing damage, because the enemies will be trying to crowd around your fc, and when you pull one off, less damage gets done to your fc.

Once your fc reaches your base, you have two options. Usually, healers stay on Defense. This means that they stay with the fc to heal when the enemy attacks. Often one or two dps will also stay with the fc ... usually these are the dps with the best crowd control abilities. EVERYONE else should go on Offense and try to kill the enemy flag carrier.

WSG and Twin Peaks

wsg flag run




In WSG and Twin Peaks this usually means standing on the flag cap spot and waiting for your offense to kill the enemy flag carrier (efc). So, do not hide. Do not run wildly about. Stand where you can quickly score, try to kill your attackers, and let your healers heal you whle your DPS does its job.

"But wait!", you say. "My gear isn't that good, my healers suck and the DPS is all dueling in the midfield. I NEED to hide and escape or I will die!"

Well, too bad. So just die. These battles are team events and if you don't have the right gear, or your team isn't good enough to protect you, or your DPS doesn't care enough to go on offense ... then everyone loses. If you can't trust your teammates to do their jobs, don't pick up the flag in the first place. Once you do pick it up, play your role and hope that they will play theirs.

By the way, if you ARE hiding somewhere and the offense DOES kill the enemy flag carrier, and you can't score before some other enemy player grabs the flag ... then people will yell at you, because YOU are the one who sucks. If you are standing on the flag cap spot and you die before your offense kills the efc, then you get to yell at them ... because then THEY suck.



Eye of the Storm

In EotS the flag carrier's job is more complicated ... it has two parts:

  1. Get to a good tower, then
  2. Decide when to cap the flag.

When you pick up the flag, you have to keep your eyes open and make the best choice for your team. Don't get in the habit of always running to the same tower. Stay awake, watch what's going on, and make a specific choice each time.eots flag run

Once you reach a tower, you have to decide when to cap the flag. In EotS the flag is an important weapon. Sometimes you want to score it immediately. Sometimes you want to hold it ... waiting, perhaps, for your team to control the middle ... or perhaps for your team to get at least two towers ... sometimes you want to hold the flag and cap it to end the game.

DEEPWind Gorge

Mine carts aren't flags, but they work in more or less the same way. You grab a cart and run it to your base for a score.