Quick Summaries of BG Strategies

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Certain aspects of battleground play depend on information that you can only get from "add-ons". In addition, some add-ons greatly improve on the data that WoW provides through its own game modules. Here are a few of the most widely used battleground add-ons.

Know Your Enemy

Which enemy players are the healers? Who is their flag carrier? Which enemies are nearby? The game knows this information but does not have a built in module that provides it.



Battleground Targets gives a compact, complete listing of the enemy team that shows class, role and health. It tracks flag carriers. It shows players that are near enough to target, and it marks your current target. Ten, fifteen and forty sized events can be set up seperately, and/or turned off entirely.

(This is not the only add-on that provides this information. You might check, for example, to see if the unit frames add-on that you already use includes a module for this.)



Healer Aids

Much of the time battleground healers are too busy running to select targets from a unit frame display. But there are times when unit frame work is required. If you are a healer, you probably already have your favorite add-on for this purpose, so I won't recommend one here. If you're looking for one, Curse.com has a nice selection of unit frame add-ons. (For what it's worth, I use Grid. I like that it is extremely compact, and that I can customize it to my exact specifications. But this is mostly a matter of taste, and any framework that works for you is good.)


What's the Time?




How long before South Bunker burns? What's the time on Tower Point? How many bases do we need now? These kinds of questions require data about dbmthe status of the game score.

If you are familiar with Deadly Boss Mods, their PvP module is widely used. Capping Battleground Timers is another good choice. Both give timers on all relevent events and scores with estimates as to who is ahead.






BG mini-map

minimapThe built in minimap shows where your teammates are located on the battlefield and is extremely useful, if not essential, to good battleground play.



There is no menu item for increasing the size of the this map, but you can do it with a macro.

   /script BattlefieldMinimap:SetScale(2.0)

This will set the map size to 2 times it's usual size. Change the number to get the size you want. (For example, using 1.5 will set the map to one-and-a-half times it's normal size.)

There are also some addons that can change the minimap size ... Capping Battleground Timers will do this, for example.