Silvershard Mine Offensive tactics

Focus your attackscartdump

You cap carts by having the most people in the circle. This means you have to coordinate your attacks.

Time Matters!

It may seem like a good plan to control the middle most of the time and send groups out to cap carts just before they score ... but this is a losing play.

inside out

Get to the cart ... you have to be INSIDE the circle to matter

fight in circle


If you have multiple stealth players on your team, they can group up and suddenly appear inside the circle of a cart that is being lightly guarded. This works well against bad teams that get all spread out.

Watch The Score

The carts never change their speed. In a close game, ONE cart may end the game if it scores first. If so, you need to send your whole team to capture or guard that cart. You can ignore the other carts ... because they no longer matter.