Silvershard mines

Official Rules

Map and Basic Abbreviations

SSM is a ten player battleground situated in an underground maze of mine tunnels. Mine carts appear periodically in the center depot and roll slowly along their tracks until they reach a dump point, where they disappear into the ground. In game play the tracks are named for the materials at their ends ... "Lava" for the rightmost track, "Water" for the center track, and "Stone" for the leftmost. The two switched tracks are very long ... seldom used on purpose ... and don't seem to have common names.

wsg main map


Each cart projects a circle of light that moves with the cart. Teams capture carts by putting players inside the light circles. The team with the most players inside a cart's circle owns the cart. If no one owns a cart, its light turns grey. Alliance carts are lighted in blue; Horde carts in red.

When a cart is owned, it generates points. And, when a cart disappears into its dump hole at the end of the track, extra points are generated. The first team to score 1600 points wins the game.


Each team starts from a cave equidistant from the center depot. Carts are always running, so there will be some on the tracks when the game starts. The same caves serve as graveyard rez points.


There are never more than three cars out ... one car per track. When a car goes into its dump hole, there is a very short pause before the next car on that track is created at the depot. Cars are created "grey", but will quickly switch to the color of the first player to reach them.



The Stone and Lava tracks have branch points where the track splits. Each branch is controlled by a switch, which has a lighted arrow pointing in the direction that the car will travel.

Switches can be "capped" in the manner of flags in AB ... you click and hold, and after a few seconds, the arrow will change to the other direction. Since one branch is longer than the other, the switch makes the journey shorter or longer, depending on its direction. In practice the switches are most often thrown by teams that are behind and are trying to slow the other team down.


The Stone track has two narrow bridges over a chasm that drops off into water, but the rest of the space is easily accessible. The maze can be confusing, however, and use of the minimap is essential to good play.


Of the three main tracks, the Lava track is a bit shorter than the Water track, and the Stone track is the longest. There is some advantage in trying to cap Lava, since it will score slightly faster than the others, but in practice, if your team is good enough to hold two tracks all the time, it doesn't matter which two they control.



Circle of Light

Each cart projects a beam of light straight up, and a circle of light that surrounds the cart. The color of the light tells you who owns the cart:

To capture a cart, someone from your team must be inside the circle of light. The team with the most people inside the circle will own the cart.

When the cart is changing hands, there is a brief "grey" period ... but it is very short - the changeover happens quickly.

A cart starts giving points as soon as its light changes color.