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Strand of the ancients Offensive tactics

Most of the battlegrounds can survive a considerable amount of random activity. But SOA is very, very focused ... you need to get up the hill as quickly as possible.

Have a Plan

Coordinating the attack on both sides of the map is important, so it's best to have everyone on the same page right from the start.

Stack Your Tanks

Demolishers kill gates. Opponents kill demolishers. If you run your demolishers at the opponent's position one at at time, they will destroy your tanks. This means that the first players to get into a tank, especially at the workshops, needs to be patient and wait for the other tanks to come up.

USE Bombs - repeat: use bombs!

It only takes 3 bombs to destroy a gate ... it takes 15 tank shots to do the same. Bombs are a LOT more powerful than tanks.

Six people with bombs, all charging the same gate, are hard to deal with. On the other hand, people dribbling in one at a time are easy to kill.

Coordinate your attack

In the Yellow Zone

The trip from the yellow gate to the relic room is the hardest part of the battle. The enemy is inside, and arranged to focus fire on your tanks and bombers constantly from the gate to the door. Organization is the key ... you need to attack in groups, and in waves. There are many ways to do this, and you will have to adjust to your particular situation, but here is one approach. Assume that every single person on your team has a bomb.

The South Grave Yard

Cap this gy and you rez south next to a bomb pile ... leave it and you rez north near the two workshops. Whether you cap it or not depends on whether you want tanks or not. Tanks take time to drive up to the yellow zone, so the closer the round is to ending, the more you want to be rezzing in the yellow zone.