Strand of the ancients

Official Blizzard Rules / Wowikki

It is almost impossible to be a good battleground player without having the Battlefield Minimap open all the time, and without occasionally referring to the main map. "How to play" examples use maps taken from real games to illustrate how play in this battleground develops.

a good position

The attacking Horde in this map have achieved a very good position for SoA.good position

They have 3 demolishers coming towards the yellow gate. Each of those demolishers has a few troops with them. This is essential for "peeling" (slowing, freezing, fearing or killing) enemies who will try to kill the demos.

The troops rezzing at the south graveyard are also important. By going through the yellow gate and engaging the enemy while also running bombs to the Temple door, these forces will open the way for the demolishers.

However this attack turns out, it is the right way to go about it.