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Strand of the ancients defensive tactics

SOA defense is about delay ... keeping the enemy from breaking down the gates. Kills and damage are useless statistics. You can kill 90% of the enemy over and over again while the remaining few drive a demolisher all the way to your relic chamber. The goal of the defense is denial, and you have to stay focused on that to win.

Kill Demolishers and bomb runners, and Defuse Bombs ... Nothing Else Matters All That Much

Only demos and bombs can break the gates. Ignore kills on enemy players in favor of eliminating demos and bombs. In the perfect defense, no gate ever dies.

It only takes 3 bombs to destory a gate. Kill bomb runners first.

Bomb runners need a few seconds to drop a bomb. They can be interrupted. You should always have two people on the cannons at each gate firing AOE in front of the gate to interrupt bombers.


The enemy has two paths to the yellow gate. If you guard one and leave the other open, you will lose. You must watch the map and move players from east to west and back as needed to kill tanks and defend gates.

Bomb Disposal

In SOA bombs make all the difference. You may want to designate two bomb defusing teams. One will work each gate in the lower two sections, and both will work yellow gate and the portal door.

Hit the opponents as they approach, and cc or interrupt them before they can drop their bomb.

When the opponent drops the bomb, one player should immediately cc him. If he breaks the cc, the second should immediately cc him. Usually the first player to cc will be the one who defuses the bomb.

On the beach

There is only one demolisher at each dock ... a team should be assigned to each.

Another team should be positioned at the dock's mines. This team cc's enemies before they can pick up bombs.

A player should be on each cannon. These are especially good at interrupting enemy bombers.

After the first defensive push at the docks, everyone needs to drop back and protect the gates. Focus on killing the bombers before they can drop their loads. Ignore any enemy who does not have a bomb icon above his/her head.

Defend the North Graveyards

Keeping the enemy from capping the north graveyards is not crucial, but it does slow them down. Until they get a north gy, they rez on the beach and they get no demos or bombs from the workshops.

Ignore the South Graveyard

The south graveyard opens the rez point at the top of the hill. This rez point is close to a pile of bombs, but far away from the tank workshops. Usually, offensive teams will not even try to cap this grave yard until the round is well along, so don't waste your time defending it.

Camp the Bomb Piles

There are two bomb piles near the yellow gate ... one outside near the rez point, and one inside to the west. If you kill opponents before they can get their bombs, then they can't blow the door. So it may be worthwhile to put a team on each of these bomb piles.

In the Yellow Zone

A good defense in the yellow zone can stop an offense cold, so have a plan.


Let your team know their roles ahead of time so that when the yellow gate breaks, they can all get to their places.