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Strand of the Ancients ROLES

SOA does not need any particular mix of characters, but most characters have useful roles.


Note: the offense does not spend ANY time trying to kill enemy players. Drive tanks, run bombs, cc defusers ... die and repeat.


On offense, if you can stealth, you should be running bombs. When you drop off a bomb, you will also drop out of stealth. Stick around to make sure your bomb is not defused. Strangely, dying at this point helps you ... because you rez right next to a bomb pile.

Sometimes you can drop a bomb by a gate without anyone noticing. Other times you have to stay and defend your bomb until it explodes. In either case, go right back and get another one. Nothing you can do on offense is more important than weakening or blowing the gates.


Your first task is to run bombs. After that you should try to cc enemies who are trying to defuse your bombs.


Your first task is to run bombs. After that you should try to interrupt enemies who are trying to defuse your bombs.


Your first choice should be to drive a tank. Your second choice is to grab a bomb and go for an enemy gate. On offense you should avoid fighting entirely and just try to kill gates.



Here is a typical defensive set up. Your team will work out its tactics ahead of time, of course, and it will likely be somewhat different that this. The point is that you WILL have a plan, and your job is to play your role in the plan.


CC / Stealth

On defense your first job is to keep bombers away from the gates. Sheep, fear, freeze, traps and other cc devices grease the way for a smooth tank run up the hill. Once a bomb is dropped, apply your longest cc and try to defuse the bomb.


On defense you should focus first on tanks and second on interrupting and killing enemy bombers. Ignore any enemy who does not have a bomb icon.


Set up even futher out than the ranged. Your job is to slow and kill enemy tanks and bombers.