Temple of Kotmogu

Official Rules

Map and Basic Abbreviations

KOT is a melee game. Players grab "orbs" which light the players up and generate points. The orbs also make the players easier to kill, and when they die, the orbs go back to their starting points. So ... everyone runs around grabbing, hitting and healing until someone wins.

wsg main map


There are four orbs - green, blue, purple and orange - one in each corner of the courtyard.


You click on an orb to pick it up ... it then floats over your head so everyone can see who has it.

As soon as you pick up an orb, you gain the "Orb of Power" buff/deuff. This affects you in three ways ... and these start small and rise in strength over time - the starting values are shown here:

The maxiums on these are quite large ... generally an orb carrier eventually dies.

As the buff/debuff increases in strenth, your character will get physically larger.

You cannot mount with an orb, and you can only hold one orb at a time.

When an orb carrier is killed, the orb returns to its starting point and can immediately be picked up by anyone.



Carrying an orb generates points for your team. There are four point levels:

At the moment, maximum points seem to be 5, medium seem to be 4, and minimum seem to be 3. The first team to reach 1600 wins the game.

Teams start at opposite sides of the battleground. Each team has two graveyards, Alliance is north; Horde is south. It's a fairly long run from the graveyards to the center court, so dying takes you out of the game for a period of time.