Temple of Kotmogu

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It is almost impossible to be a good battleground player without having the Battlefield Minimap open all the time, and without occasionally referring to the main map. These examples use maps taken from real games to illustrate how play in this battleground develops.

How To Lose the Temple of Kotmogu

More than most battlegrounds, KOT is about fighting. Get an orb, get it to the middle courtyard, control the middle, keep your orb carriers alive ... there is little strategy to this ... the game most often goes to the team that most aggressively destroys its opponents. Here is an example of how timid play limits a team's chances to win.





In this panel the match has just started. Notice that the Horde is already ahead ... not by much ... but they were first to grab two orbs and they are already gaining points at a faster rate than the Allies.







temkot 2


Here you can see that the Horde orbs are in the center court. Orbs held in the center generate points faster than orbs held on the second level.


The Allies only have one orb. The Horde has killed the first Allied orb carrier, and that orb has not been picked up again.


Failing to keep an eye on the minimap and grab orbs as soon as the appear is a key to losing in KOT.



kot scene

This is a view of the battle in progress. The Horde orbs are in the center, protected by healers and dps, while the Allied orbs are on the balcony where they do not accumulate points as quickly.


temkot 3


This is the minimap image for the scene shown above. You can see the Allies grouped outside of the courtyard, while the Horde orbs are in the center.


Games can and do reverse themselves, of course, but it most often seems that once one team decides that it will not go in and melee the other, the game is pretty much decided.





temkot 4


A few minutes later, the score has advanced along the same lines. Little will change now for the rest of the match, which the Horde will win by a sizable margin.


The moral of this story is simple: in KOT you must be aggressive. Get orbs. Kill orbs. Take the fight to the other team and control the middle of the battleground.