Temple of Kotmogu defensive tactics

All Orbs, all the time

This game is about orbs ... orbs, orbs, orbs ... the team that picks up every orb as soon as it becomes available often wins.

Occasionally, a team will be good enough that four players get orbs and the rest of the team defends them. But this almost never happens. Usually, orb carriers die pretty fast.

So don't think of yourself as having any ROLE, other than Orb Carrier. When you see an orb come up, get off defense and go get the orb.


If you can survive in the middle, the points will mount up much more quickly than if you stay in the outer area. Defend the middle, even if your orb carriers haven't arrived yet. And if your orb carriers are running around on the outside, yell at them.

Focus your attacks

When you take out an orb carrier, the orb goes back to its starting point. At that moment, your side begins to gain points ... assuming, of course, that you have half the orbs. This means that if you can manage it, your team should focus a single enemy orb carrier, take him or her down, and then switch to the other.

inside out

Kill the orb carriers in the middle area first ... they are scoring the most points.

You know, the road thing

Don't fight at random, either attack an enemy orb carrier or defend your own.