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isle of Conquest Offensive tactics

Offense in IoC is about bringing weapons to bear on the gates of the enemy's fort. You will have to fight to do this, but the gates should be your main focus, with kills being a secondary concern.


Because the battleground is large and spread out, it is hard to get a complete overview of the battle. Even the map doesn't help much with this.


Each fort has three gates, and they are all fairly strong. Be sure that everyone on your team is attacking the same gate. If you divide your effort, you may just be giving the enemy a time advantage.

Catapults (at the Dock)

These are easy to use. Just drive to a spot near the enemy fort, climb in and be launched.

Glaive Throwers (at the Dock)

A glaive thrower throws a spear (called a "glaive") that does major damage to gates. Most people call the throwers "glaives".

Glaives have a long range. You can set them up out of reach of all or most of the fort's cannons. On the other hand, glaives are rather fragile and can easily be killed by enemy players. You need to put a defensive team around your glaives to protect them.

Glaives die really fast, so your defensive teams need to cc first and kill second. DKs are especially good because they can pull the enemy away from the glaive ... but freezing, sheeping and fearing will also work. It's also a good idea to keep a continuous "de-stealthing" AOE attack going on the ground where the glaives are parked.

Glaive drivers need to stay alert and move out of danger at the first sign of an attack.

Seige Engines (at the Workshop)

These do massive damage to gates, but they are vulnerable to tower guns. You want to ranged damage from outside the fort, or use catapults or the airship to get some of your team inside the fort to kill the enemy guns ... do this before you bring up the seige engine, or its life will be too short.

Seiges build "steam power" which is used by some of its weapons.

In a defensive game where neither side is able to kill the opponent's boss, a seige engine can be the deciding factor. Take it to the enemy's graveyard and use it's flame weapons to kill rezzers. If used well, a seige can easily kill a hundred or more enemy players before it dies.

Demolishers (at the Workshop)

These are similar to the demolishers in Strand of the Ancients. Drive them to the fort and use them to blast and ram a gate.

Airship (at the Hanger)

If the enemy caps the Hanger while you are in the airship, the ship will stop. There is a transporter at one end of the airship that will take you back to the ground.