Isle of Conquest

Official Blizzard Rules / Wowikki

It is almost impossible to be a good battleground player without having the Battlefield Minimap open all the time, and without occasionally referring to the main map. These examples use maps taken from real games to illustrate how play in this battleground develops.

And So It Begins

This is a typical starting position for IOC. The map is taken from the Horde side, but the Alliance map will likely be similar.

The workshop is the most powerful base in IOC because

So it makes sense that both side want to own it, and most IOC battles should start with a fight over its control. (Note that "groupthink" sometimes plays a role here. Sometimes one side or the other becomes psychologically convinced, before the game even starts, that they cannot win the WS. In this case they will leave the middle alone and go elsewhere. It's harder to win this way, though.)

Someone will control the Hangar and Docks ... and the game can swing on what happens in those two bases. Generally, if the other team has the docks, your team needs to immediately send people to kill the glaives that spawn there. If the other team has the hangar, your team needs to have some defense inside the fort to stop the bomb-running.

The docks and the hangar are fairly easy to capture, however, once the glaives have departed or the airship has sailed. They are normally lightly defended, and their locations make it hard for additional defenders to arrive in time. So expect those two bases to change hands during the match.

On this map, no one from the Horde team is headed to the Refinery. Someone will eventually notice this and go get it. Most top level IOC matches are decided on boss kills, so reinforcements don't usually matter.

a close game

This map shows a balanced game with even reinforcements and both teams contendingfor the win. Nonetheless, the Horde has the better position.tie game

The Horde is attacking the west gate with demolishers from the Workshop. In addition, they control the Hangar and can fire the airship cannons at the gate, and can paradrop troops into the Allied fort.

The Alliance controls the docks, but all of its glaives and catapults have been destroyed by Horde forces near the Horde fort. Not only that, but a few Horde troops are putting pressure on the Dock flag ... tying up Ally forces there.

The Horde has taken both the Quarry and the Refinery. This will boost the power of their demolishers and seige engines, and it will also boost their reinforcement production.

All in all, you would have to bet that the Horde will come out ahead in this particular match.