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Isle of Conquest defensive tactics

IoC is very spread out, and it often is not clear what is working and what is not. The best way to keep the enemy away from your fort is to cap the Workshop and the Hangar. Since this is obvious, fights will often develop there ... but better to fight them in the field than right next to your main gate.


Because the battleground is large and spread out, it is hard to get a complete overview of the battle. Even the map doesn't help much with this.

Watch the Hangar

If you control the Hangar, a relatively small number of troops can defend the fort. However, if the enemy has the Hangar, they can send many paratroops to run bombs inside the fort. The only way to stop this is by keeping enough of your own people in the fort to kill the paratroops ... and/or by taking the Hangar away from them.

Use the Tower Guns ... and Guard Them

The tower guns do significant damage against vehicle and people. IoC teams are large and it's worth having a few people on the guns.

Killing Glaives

Send a team out to kill incoming glaives before they get into range.