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Gilneas strategies

Since you don't know where the other side is going, there are two basic ways to start the game. You can go for the Waterworks, or you can go for your opponent's home base. So, either you collide with your opponent head on, or you rotate one base.







In a head on clash, the stronger team kills the weaker one and now occupies two bases. Rezzing players guard the home base.

Usually, the outcome of the first fight tells you who is going to win. This is not always true, but this is a very small battlefield with little room for strategic maneuver. If you can't kill the opponent in a head-on fight, then you probably will not be able to take your opponent's bases.














One team would appear to get the advantage of owning two bases. But ... the other team, on arriving at Waterworks unopposed, will simply zerg the other team's home base. This sets up a kind of rotating zerg in which the two teams don't meet head on for awhile.

Eventually attrition will generate enough rezzers to defend one of the home bases, and one side will end up with two bases.