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Gilneas is a clone of Arathi Basin. The strategies and tactics are almost identical and only the differences are mentioned here. If you haven't played AB, you might want to do that one first ... if only because it's a low level BG with plenty of matches going on. Gilneas is high level and doesn't run as often.

wsg main map

From the Official Website:

The Battle

Teams will start at opposite ends of the map with default graveyards nearby. Once the match begins, teams will race toward each other to vie for control of three strategic points; each point will allow your team to gain resources and additional graveyards. Adding to the intensity of the battle are many obstacles that block line of sight, as well as chokepoints for fending off enemy advances.

The Overlook

In the center of the map is an area known as the Overlook. Hills on either side of the map create chokepoints, while narrow paths through the hills provide teams with alternate routes. A river dividing the map will also lead opponents toward a single bridge. In some cases, dominating the Overlook might be the key to controlling the capture points.

The theory, apparently, was that the complexity of the map would make up for the reduction in bases from five to three, and that the fighting will be for control of the center area or for the choke points.

It didn't work out that way. In practice the battle is so simple-minded as to be boring. The goal is to control your base and the Water Works. Period. And here's why.

When you die, you rez not at the closest grave yard, but randomly (it seems) at any one of your grave yards. Apparently this was done to reduce "grave yard camping", but in this battleground it has an unbalancing side effect.

If you own the enemy home base, they will still rez there ... in their starting area. You, however, will not necessarily rez there. The result is that sooner or later, they will outnumber you. The same inbalance exists, in your favor, at your home base.

The result of this is that Gilneas is a pure power game. At the start, you leave a tank at your home base (to call for help, just in case), and everyone else goes to Water Works. If they cap WW, you simply keep going back there until you take it from them. If you do, you win ... if you don't, you lose. It's as simple as that.

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