eye of the storm Offensive tactics

Have a Code

Things happen quickly in EotS, and there are a fairly large number of commands that you can give. It helps if your team has a clear message code that everyone follows. You will develop your own, but here are some common terms.

Distraction Versus Discipline

Because of the way EotS is set up, it is almost impossible to go very far without meeting someone from the opposite side. The result is that spontaneous fights tend to start up all over the place. Sometimes your teams will need to avoid a fight so that they can get to where they need to be. You may have to keep reminding them of this.bet

Capping Towers

The towers cap over time depending on who has the most people standing on the site. This is worth repeating over and over again ... if you're not standing on the hill, you're not helping to cap.

If everyone leaves before the "capping" needle gets all the way over to your side, it will stop moving.

Capping the Flag

Points for a flag cap depend on the number of towers you control: 75, 85, 100, 500 points.