Eye Of The Storm

Official Blizzard Rules / Wowikki

It is almost impossible to be a good battleground player without having the Battlefield Minimap open all the time, and without occasionally referring to the main map. These examples use maps taken from real games to illustrate how play in this battleground develops.

A Very Bad Game

badIn this battle the Horde team is losing badly. They only control one tower, and they have no players in the middle contesting for the the flag.

The map tells the story. The Horde players are concentrated in two places: DR and the starting grave yard. This tells you that half the team is stuck defending DR while the other half has died ... attacking BET, it looks like.

No Horde are attacking FRR or MT. The odds are that those are lightly defended, though this late in the game it hardly matters.

What do you conclude from this map? The game is over. Go collect a few honor points if you can.

Quiz: the score is 1459 to 634. How much will the Alliance score go up by when they cap this flag?

Answer: 85 points. (You would be surprised at how many EotS players do not know how many points you get for a flag cap with different numbers of towers.)

Midfield "Flag" Game

This map shows a typical "flag fight" game. Each side owns two towers, and both sides are trying to control midfield and cap the flag.flag game

The map shows the Alliance team. One group is moving back and forth between their two towers, defending against Horde attacks. Another group is contesting for control of the midfield.

Since the Horde is more than halfway to victory, the Alliance should probably change strategy ASAP. If it could control the midfield even half the time, the score would be much closer.

Quiz: How many flag caps in a row does the Alliance need to catch up? (Answer: 4. They are 335 behind. A flag cap with two towers is worth 85, so four caps would gain them 340 points.)

Since it can't win the flag, the Alliance absolutely needs to attack one of the Horde towers. They might not even need to control the tower ... just changing it to grey would improve their score. And, when Horde players move to recap the tower, the midfield should open up.

This kind of map reading is key to winning battles. Everyone on the Alliance team should see that the situation demands a change. Unfortunately, too many players get so focused on the fighting that they lose track of the game.