Deepwind gorge

Official Rules

Map and Basic Abbreviations

Two teams of fifteen start on opposite sides of a wide valley criss-crossed by pathways. Each team has one graveyard located near their starting point. Three mines are located at the top, center and bottom of the map. These can be captured in the usual way by clicking on the mine's flag and holding until it caps.

The mines are named Pandaren, Center and Goblin, however, they have quickly come to be termed: North (Pandaren), Middle (Center), and South (Goblin).

wsg main map


The scoring for this battleground is confusing. The official site does not describe how it works very clearly, and after two weeks of play, there's no clear description available elsewhere, either. The [grey text] items indicate uncertainty as to what is going on.


The first team to accumulate 1600 points wins the match.


Captured mines contribute gold to your side. [How fast the gold accumulates is not certain. Supposedly, the longer you hold a mine the faster the gold piles up.]


After the game starts, one mining cart appears in front of each team's starting point. One player of the opposing team can pick up the chain attached to the front of the cart and drag it across the playing field.

Whenever a cart is dragged back to the a team's starting point, that team steals up to 200 points from the other team's total.

[The "up to" is confusing. It might mean that sometimes a cart cap is worth more than other times. For example, mine ownership may increase or decrease the amount of gold that a cart gives you. This is not certain yet. Or, it may just mean that you cannot steal more gold than the other team has accumulated. ]

Your team also scores 20 bonus honor for a cart capture.


Cart terminology is somewhat confusing at first because you have to defend the cart that is your opponent's color and attack the cart that is your color. So the words "our" and "their" are a bit vague. It's probably better to use the colors, red and blue, in chat when referring to a cart.




The gorge is not very steep, but it is littered with obstructions that make it hard to see from one side to the other. It is almost impossible to play this game without using your battlefield minimap.