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AV Offensive tactics

Zerg ("Blitz")

This strategy carries a number of tactical implications.

Balinda and Galvangar

These two npcs give honor and are worth killing, but its takes troops and time to do that.

Rez Jump

You rez at the graveyard under your control that is nearest to your death.

rez point

Blitz Graveyard Problem

If both sides zerg, and both sides tap all the graveyards on their way in, then any players who die early in the boss fight will rez in their team starting areas. Since it is a long way back to the enemy boss from there, and since their own boss is close, the logical thing to do is to go try to disrupt the enemy's zerg. Thus both teams introduce a counter-attack in their own back yard.

The outcome of this kind of fight is unpredictable. It puts a sizeable body of troops in the enemy's rear ... at the cost of splitting your forces into two groups.

blitz gy problem

So ... when blitzing, it might be a reasonable tactic to leave the enemy an open graveyard somewhere ... SHGY and IBGY are the logical choices. Or ... you may want to use the effect as a tool – sacrifice a picked team at the enemy's boss so that they can come in behind the enemy's zerg. (It sounds strange, but it certainly would be a surprise.)

Dealing With Zerg Defenders

If there are defenders in with the enemy's boss, they will interfere with your assault by healing the boss and npcs and by trying to kill your tank. (See "Wipe Them on the Boss" in AV defensive tactics.)