Alterac Valley

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Map and Basic Abbreviations

wsg main map

The battle has no time limit. Instead, each side starts with a number of "reinforcements" (the numbers are shown at the top of your screen during play). If your reinforcements get to zero, you lose.

Every player death reduces the reinforcements for the player's side by one. Capturing a tower or bunker reduces the enemy's reinforcements by a large number. Killing Galvangar or Balinda reduces the enemy's reinforcements by a larger number. Control of a mine periodically adds a few reinforcements to your side.

Enemy Reinforcements Reduced By Approximate Honor at End of Game
Kill Galvangar, Balinda
Burn Tower / Bunker

60 for enemy burned

40 for yours not burned

Kill one enemy player
20 killed = 1 honor
Capture Mine
+1 for your side per 45 sec
Kill Drek'Thar/Vanndar
ends the game


how to play: alterac valley