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AV defensive tactics

Defense Is Good ... Defense Works

In PUG play AV has become an extremely offensively-minded game. This probably started in the early days when AV was a popular place to grind out honor points and the main goal was to have a fast game, because a fast loss was a lot better than a slow loss and a win is never guaranteed. But times have changed ... and if you are after a win, blitzing may not be the best approach.

Wipe Them on the Boss

If the enemy zergs (see "Blitz" in AB Strategy), a large number of enemy forces will arrive at your boss and try to kill him in order to quickly win the game. Once defense against this is to engage the enemy in the room with the boss and use the boss and his npcs to kill the enemy.

Wipe Them on the Boss, 2

The tactic of using bosses and npcs to help you kill enemy players works at Balinda and Galvangar ... and also with some of the lesser npcs. Remember that they are there and use them to your advantage.

SHGY Choke Point

The hill next to Stonehearth Graveyard has proven to be a unique choke point for this battleground. choke pointIf the graveyard is controlled by the Horde, and if the Allied forces are all or mostly all at the bottom of the hill ... the Allies are highly unlikely to recapture the graveyard and escape from the trap. (This is often called a "turtle", although because the allies do not WANT to be there it is really a trap.)

Both sides argue about whether it is good to capture and/or recapture this graveyard or not. The answer is that it probably depends on your attitude and what you are trying to do. In the early days of AV, it was common knowledge that the Horde should leave SFGY to the Alliance and the Alliance should leave SHGY to the Horde. But the rules have changed since then, and, the zerg was not as prominent a strategy then as it is now. So be careful. Think through WHY you want to take a gy or leave it to the other side.