AV often starts as a blitz and ends as a collection of small skirmishes. Unfortunately, the two require different specs.


A tank in a zerg needs to be equipped as if for a boss in a PvE dungeon raid. Damage will come from the boss and his guards, so resilience is of little use. On the other hand, if the zerg fails, the tank will be fighting other players for the rest of the game.

In a PUG the best course is probably to plan for the blitz to fail and come in your PvP spec. During the blitz, switch to your PvE gear and hope for the best.

If you are on a PRO team, there will likely be a discussion of the strategy and a decision as how to spec the tanks.


Like tanks, healers in a zerg need to be geared as if for PvE. However, if there are enough healing classes in the room, quantity can make up for quality. So a healer's best bet is probably to come with their PvP spec, and switch to PvE gear for the zerg phase.

Healers are very important in AV. Players who die tend to rez fairly far away and may not return, so the groups that stay intact almost always have a healer at their core.


You want to fight in a group with a healer. Find a healer and stick with them.