Official Blizzard Rules / Wowikki

Map and Basic Abbreviations

Teams of fifteen start from bases at opposite ends of the map.

The Blacksmith shop is on a cliff and has a view of the Stables and the Farm. The Lumber Mill is on a higher cliff and can see the BS, ST and FA. The Gold Mine is in a depression and cannot see nor be seen. A stream flows through the battleground, forming a moat around the BS. The BS can be reached from the water on two sides ... it can also be reached via two bridges.

wsg main map





Star shapes are flags.

Green Xs are graveyards.

The Scoring System

The game ends when one team acquires 1600 points.

Each base that you control generates points on a regular basis. You take control of a base by capping its flag.

All flags start out neutral. It takes eight seconds to tap a flag; it then takes one additional minute for it to turn your color. Only then does it begin to generate points for your team.

If the flag was your opponent's color, it will turn grey when you tap it. Your opponent then has one minute to tap the flag and immediately regain control. While the flag is grey, it generates no points.

Point generation is actually based on a unit of time called a "tick" which is not the same as a second. This table gives a per second estimate.

Arathi Basin Points (Per Second)





Notice that the points go up exponentially. The best way to watch points is to use an add-on (such as Boss Mods) that provides a running estimate of the final score. Although the estimate changes whenever a flag is lost or capped, it gives you a good feel for who is ahead.


Each base has a graveyard. When you gain control of the base, the graveyard opens for your team. While the flag is grey, the graveyard is closed. Each team has a graveyard in their starting area. These cannot be captured.

how to play: Arathi Basin