Arathi Basin

Official Blizzard Rules / Wowikki

It is almost impossible to be a good battleground player without having the Battlefield Minimap open all the time, and without occasionally referring to the main map. These examples use maps taken from real games to illustrate how play in this battleground develops.


badThis map is shown from the Alliance point of view. You don't need to see the score to know that the Allies are losing badly.

They only have two bases. To win they need at least three, so they absolutely must cap another base ASAP. But look at them ... they are split into five groups and spread all over the battleground.

Two people are defending the mine and one is defending the stables (the little arrow icon on the front of the horse is a person). Two people are attacking the Blacksmith Shop. Four are on the hill up to the Lumber Mill. One is out in the field next to the Farm. And three are absolutely nowhere useful ... "in the road", as they say.

The Horde can easily put 6 at the LM, 5 at the BS and 4 at the Farm and hold out against this kind of disorganized attacking all day long.

Conclusion: an easy win for the Horde.


A good game


Here is what the Horde map of the same game might look like. (Might ... it's not the same game, of course.) Two defenders are watching the Blacksmith Shop. One is watching the LM flag, and two are at the Farm flag. The largest group is moving back and forth from the Farm to the LM, and to the BS if necessary, to defend the bases from Allied attacks.

This is the easiest way to win a match in Arathi Basin. Hold three "touching" bases ... meaning that you can ride directly from one to the other ... and move quickly to defend against "incoming."

If enemy attacks are light, or spread out, you can even afford to put some pressure on a forth base.




Here the Allies have launched an all out attack on the Farm.

As soon as the attack was noticed, the whole Horde defensive unit switched to the Farm. Notice that they only left one at the LM flag. This is because they can quickly get back there if needed.




Beaten back at the Farm, the Allies have split into two groups and attacked the Blacksmith Shop and the Lumber Mill.

The Horde, too, have split their forced to defend. As you can see, all of the Horde are engaged except for a token pair who are watching the Farm flag. It's always necessary to guard a flag against possible ninjas.



The Allied push at the Lumber Mill succeeded.

The Horde who were killed at the LM rezzed at the BS and immediately grouped up and attacked the Gold Mine.

Because the Allies had to use their whole force to capture the LM, the Mine was very lightly defended and easily captured.



You will sometimes hear leaders say "get 3 and defend them." It's important to understand that this does not mean that you will keep the SAME three for the whole game. Ownership can swing back and forth, but as long as you keep three, you will win.

The important thing is for flag defenders to call out "incoming" as soon as they see attackers coming. If you wait until you are half dead, it will usually be too late. Call "inc" early and call out the number ... "inc 4", for example. That way the defending group will know how many to send to your flag.