Downloads and Demonstrations




These 1200x900 pixel jpg images were made using the Artmatic® graphics application. Some of them were further enhanced using Photoshop®. They use bright, sharp colors.

Set Number 1

Set Number 2

Set Number 3

These images were made using Photoshop®. They use light, diffuse colors.

Set Number 4

These artificial landscapes were created with Artmatic Voyager®. They use earth tones in varying shades.

Set Number 5



The Artmatic® graphics application quickly builds an image based on a user-defined network of noise generators and filters. The image can then be extensively "explored" through mutation and the adjustment of filter parameters. Artmatic is a truly amazing creativity tool.

The Artmatic Voyager® graphics application builds planetary landscapes. It can function without the Artmatic application, but it uses artmatic files in a number of interesting ways.

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