WOO II An Exploration in Design - July 2012 - By Stoneghost: Dalaran


WOO II - Factions

Factions add drama to the game. In actual operation in the current game, however, they only matter in PvP. Raiders never meet players from the other faction, and crafters cannot even buy and sell across faction lines.

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that the resolution of the current game goes something like this:

  1. The Horde and the Alliance join forces to fight a foe larger and more warlike than either of them (hard to imagine, but possible).
  2. The conclusion of the fight results in the defeat of the enemy, at the cost of a rip in space/time that hurls everyone involved into an alternate universe.
  3. Take it from there: a new planet, a new ethos, a new story ...

In this configuration, remnants of the larger enemy could survive to become the new opposing faction.

This approach is easier to maintain than the current two faction setup. The need to balance the factions, which takes a lot of effort in the current game, would only matter in PvP venues. And with the main villians consisting of non-player characters, it would be easy to bring in additional friends and foes.