A Fun House is a central assembly point for Raider teams about to embark on dungeon expeditions. The House contains a Transportation Center that provides group porting to any Raider Dungeon. A Farmer's Market provides a compel range of goods and services. Raiders who arrive early can try the attractions scattered around the House. These provide dungeon type monster encounters that give Raider leveling achievements. PvP venues are provided for those who want a taste of the Fighter life style.

The purpose of the Fun House is to reduce boredom by giving Raiders a place to congregate during the "dead" time before a scheduled raid begins, or while they are waiting in a random raid queue. This means that the activities should be short term and interruptible.


Here Is A Sample of What One Might Look Like

Getting THERE

The Fun House can be reached by selection in a character's UI dialog box from any location. That same button, if pressed within the Fun House, will return the player to his or her original location. Each Fun House serves a cluster of levels, and if need be, characters will be releveled as they enter. Exit transporters will take a character to any major city.

fun houseTransportation Center

A cluster of portals permits a raid leader to transport the entire group to a dungeon entrance en masse. Late arrivals can click the portal to notify their raid leader who can then bring them through. Within the Funhouse, group leaders can "recall" group members from any of the Attractions.

When a Raid ends, members will be returned to the Fun House if they entered the Dungeon from there.

A Farmer's Market offers Crafters a venue from which they can offer goods and services to the Raiding community. In addition NPC shops offer a full range of basic goods and services. Bank and postal access is available, as are redemption centers for raiding achievements and rewards.

CHAT and Group

A special "looking for group" chat channel links all of the Fun Houses. This channel remains active for group leaders while their teams are inside a raider dungeon.

A "Big Board" covers one wall of the Center. The Board lists open raid slots and gives links to the leaders of the raids. Players can also post "looking for group" notices on the Board. Notices posted here are broadcast periodically over the Fun House chat channel network. Raid leaders also receive an "app" that lets them look through the current postings in the User Interface if they choose to do so.


Raiders may be arriving early for a raid, or their raid may be delayed, or they may be in a queue. Various attractions offer them something to do while they wait. In addition, these serve as tutorial and practice venues for new raiders.


Islands contain monsters, sometimes boss monsters, and treasure. Characters port in, and out, and rez at the portal. Entering any island adds you to the group, if one is already there.

The Haunted Ravine

The entrance is fixed, but the exit moves around. Monsters pop up at random, as does treasure. Characters rez at the portal near the entrance. Grouping is not permitted here. Each zone in the ravine has its own chat channel.

Box of Death

Entering a box spawns the number of monsters listed on the door. The toughness of the monsters is reset each time based on the size of the entering group. Characters rez at the entrance to the box they died in and may reenter the box.

Ring the Bell

This solo attraction spawns one monster. Kill it quickly and win a prize. Kill it really quickly and win a really nice prize. Characters rez at the entrance.

Arena Box

The arena boxes offer Raiders the PvP experience. An arena box will open for two teams of any size, or, a single group of players may enter and have the box automatically sort them into teams.

The Woods

The woods surrounding the Transportation Center are home to a random selection of treasure bearing monsters. Visitors are requested to keep strictly to the beaten path.


Two Attractions award Raider achievements, and The Farmers Market awards Crafter leveling points. No Fighter achievements are available.

All events award Theme Park points that are redeemable for currency and various vanity items and enhancements. Titles may be rewarded for singular success.


The Fun Houses, and the somewhat similar Theme Parks, are meant to be carnivals. They should be upbeat, energetic and interesting. Treasure should be scattered around the grounds. Daily and weekly events should be created and promoted. The goal is to make Theme Parks and Fun Houses the "places to be" when you have nothing in particular to do.