WOO II An Exploration in Design - July 2012 - By Stoneghost: Dalaran

Woo II - Introduction

WOO II is first and foremost the design for a game. Someone has to create such a game; someone has to maintain it; someone has to sell it. All of these someones form a business, and if the game is to remain available for play, the business has to succeed.

The basic criterion for success in this business is simple: be interesting to your audience.

In the case of WOO II, the audience wants to fight monsters, fight one another, make and sell items to those who fight, and explore the history and geography of the game world. These "players" sometimes play in groups and sometimes play alone. More than anything, they hate to be bored.

The Constraints of the Business

If the business fails, the game dies. There is no free lunch.


Boredom is not fun.

Solo and Group Play

I have no friends, but I do have $20 ...

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