Richard W. Dillman
Wellsboro, PA USA

Before his retirement in 2000, Richard Dillman developed expertise in computer programming, mass media theory, and general systems theory. For the last twenty years he taught at McDaniel College (Maryland, USA), first in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and later as Chairman of the Department of Communication. He still teaches occasional online courses at the College.

In 1998 he opened Happy Fun Communication Land, a website for teaching communication theory to beginning students. Soon thereafter, HFCL was recognized by the Internet Scout Project as an outstanding online education site.

Professor Dillman is currently developing cyberynth, an experimental internet graphic arts site. Partly an art gallery, partly a video game, cyberynth explores the nature of the internet medium. Collections of cyberynth images are available by free download at www.cyberynth.com/downloads/index.html.

When not working on the computer, he now tends his garden and takes photographs. A gallery of seasonal images of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, USA can be seen at www.ticopa.com/tioga/index.html.